Creating a Compelling Unique Selling Proposition

In the land of conversion optimisation you will often hear online marketers spruiking different buzz terms and phrases. One such phrase is “Unique Selling Proposition” known by its more common acronym USP.

Although it may seem that the digital age created this concept, it is actually a familiar concept within the marketing world. Historically, this phrase was coined during the rise of the advertising era in order to get customers to switch brands.

So what is it?

In basic terms, a unique selling proposition is what a business offers to customers that are unique or different to its competitors. A unique selling proposition is the direct answer to the question:

What is your business’ point of difference?

In essence, by answering this question, you will give rise to what gives your business its competitive advantage and why customers should be loyal to your brand.

So how do you go about creating a really strong USP for your business?

First let’s set the ground rules. A Unique Selling Proposition is NOT:

  • just a tag line;
  • what YOU think is unique but what your target audience may think is unique; or
  • necessarily something that has just been invented or new or completely 100% unique

In order to create a USP, it is imperative that you consider what sets you apart from your rivals. Here are some points you will need to ponder:

  • Who is your target market and what do they care about?
  • What are your core products’ attributes and features?
  • What is it about your service delivery that characterises your business?
  • Is there anything about your personal story or business story that makes you stand out?
  • How does your goods or services benefit its’ target market?
  • Are there any distinguishing steps in the production process?

After considering the answers to each of these questions, you may have come up with a few things that could be used as your unique selling proposition that will help customers identify your brand compared to others.

So here are some examples to help jump start your imagination and help you flex your creative muscles:

“Established in 1901, we have helped more than 50,000 businesses…”

“We are the sole distributor in Australia of these exclusive…”

“We stock only Australian Certified Organic products…”

“Fair trade, ethically produced and sustainably manufactured…”

“We have never lost a client to a competitor – ever”

And now it’s your turn to have a go. How will you answer when someone asks you what your business’ unique selling proposition is?

This topic was also covered in our most recent Online Marketing Intensive Workshop held in Melbourne. To learn more about conversion optimisation, please view the slide share below: