Online Sales

Increase Online Sales Leads in 6 Easy Steps

Many businesses often come to us complaining that they have spent a small fortune on building their website and then they don’t get any traffic, or online enquiries or phone calls. Some business owners will come to us and tell us that they get the traffic but they aren’t making any sales for the high volumes of traffic that are coming through their website.

If you find yourself in one or both of these scenarios you aren’t alone. You join thousands of businesses also facing a similar situation.

So we’ve put together a list of 6 sure-fire tips to help increase your online sales leads and thereby improving your website’s overall conversion optimisation.

1.       Build an engaging website

We’ll say this once and then we’ll say it again; the design of your website can either help to make a sale, or hinder one. If your website is not engaging, poorly designed, badly written, too complicated, too ‘busy’ or designed in a way that is not consistent with your brand/product/service then you have a problem. You’ve got two choices. You can either fix the existing website. Or you may just want to start from scratch.

2.       Call to Actions

Many of our clients throw so many Call-to-Actions (CTAs) on a page that it can get a visitor confused and can actually encourage them to do the opposite of taking an action – they become paralysed because they don’t know exactly what to do! So rather than placing 5 CTAs on a given web page, select up to 3, rank them in priority and then create a strategy around:

  • where you’d put them on the page (the bigger the button is and the higher up it is on the page demonstrates its importance)
  • the colours you use,
  • the copy i.e. ‘Subscribe now’ as opposed to ‘Subscribe today and get your free e-book”

3.       Compelling product pages

Whether yours is an e-commerce website or whether selling products online is just one component of your business, you must ensure that your product pages are so compelling that your visitor will want to take that next step and actually make a purchase. This means you need high quality images, detailed descriptions, reviews, ratings and any other information that will help them make a purchase.

4.       Easy shopping cart process

The only way you will get a feel for how easy your shopping cart process is if you actually walk through the step as though you actually are a customer. How easy is it to check out? Can the checkout process be simplified so that there are less clicks and less items in which a customer will need to complete? The last thing you want is for all your hard work to get a visitor to the point of purchase only for them to abandon the shopping cart because it is too hard.

5.       Gain your customers trust

Think about it: if you are making a first time purchase from a brand you have never heard of or considering using a service that you have never used, you want to trust that you are making the right choice. As a business, you can help guide a customer’s decision by making it easier for them to access real customer feedback, user reviews and testimonials. Also ensuring that logos of professional memberships, associations and networks you belong to and even logos of businesses you currently partner with are placed on your website helps gain credibility

6.       Show your commitment to service excellence

There are times when a website visitor will have more questions about the products or services you offer that are not necessarily answered in the FAQ section or any other part of the website. This is where having a good chat program can help improve your visitor engagement by helping to answer their questions and showing them that you care by offering them service in real time.

If you’re ready to let ConversionLabs take a look at your website and help boost your conversion optimisation, obtain more lead and enquiries, increase sales and improve your bottom line, contact us now on 1300 807 808 and get your obligation-free strategy session today!