Most people think that getting success in Adwords is about getting your ads on top positions or having them seen by maximum number of people. If that was true, everyone who was advertising on search engines would be running profitable campaigns. The truth is that most of the advertisers pay far too much for the click and get a very low conversion rate.

Our approach to adwords focuses on improving the conversion rate of campaigns and reducing the cost of acquisition while increasing the total number of inquiries and sales. We recognise the difference between “volume” and “quality” and constantly work towards delivering better quality leads at a lower cost.

If you are running adwords presently or have some other agency doing it for you, we Guarantee a 20% improvement in performance within Six Weeks. Talk to us Now to find out how you can make your campaign atleast 20% more profitable within Six Weeks!

Achieving success in Adwords requires getting into the mind of your customers. When we work on a new campaign, we conduct extensive research to find out what appeals to your target customers and how to deliver impelling messages to them. Very often, companies are delivering the wrong message to their target customers and getting poor results. For instance, while working for a storage company we found that ease of handling and service were much more important than price, while the storage company was putting a higher emphasis on price in it’s advertising strategy attracting only the lower end of the market. Our adwords approach consists of :

(A) Market & Competitor Analysis :  This includes gaining an understanding of market demand, trends and opportunities with an overview of the competitive landscape.

(B) Customer Segmentation : This involves gaining an insight into your target customers and segmenting them by location, interests, income, preferences etc.

(C) Developing your remarkable point of difference for each segment : This involves gaining an insight into your unique strengths and developing them into a differentiator which sets your product/service apart from the competition. It gives people a reason to buy from you even at a premium.

(D) Creating Ad Copy  : This involves creating ads which highlight your unique strengths and give people a reason to act immediately by clicking on your ads or calling your number. If you have an existing campaign running, we let your existing ads run and split test them with new ad copy till we have a winner.

(E) Developing +ve and -ve keyword lists based on keyword research : This is the most important and strategic part in adwords as we use a proprietory technique called ‘search intent index’ which helps reduce the average cost per click by 30-40%.

(F) Creating an account and campaign structure :  Planning the account and campaign structure is critical for optimising the reach and impact of an adwords campaign.

(G) Creating landing pages : Where required, we develop targeted landing pages or improve your website to increase the return on investment.

(G) Setting up of the campaign :  We make careful choices about what devices to serve your ads on, what time of the day gives the best result and use advanced bidding for bid variations. We use ad extensions like site-links and call extensions to increase the effectiveness of the campaign.

(H) Installing a conversion tracking script :  This helps in finding out which keywords and ads are more effective and fine tuning the campaign accordingly.

(I) Ongoing Testing and Fine tuning of keywords, adcopy, offers,  landing pages, bids

(J) Accurate measurement of performance and reporting

With a track record of improving hundreds of adwords campaigns within weeks of taking up the work, we are confident that we will make a massive difference to your business by our expertise and passion. Contact us today to start getting better results from your online advertising campaigns.