At ConversionLABS, we specialise in looking at your visitor data and drawing powerful insights from it. When we look at your analytics data, we don’t just look at the numbers but what lies between them. Based on our analysis, we provide indepth recommendations on the following :

(A) Page Performance : How well is  each page of your website performing and why? How are visitors responding to the content, images and call to action on the page?

(B) Layout and Links :  What inner buttons and links are popular and which ones are getting ignored?

(C) Visitor journey :  Which paths result in people leaving along the way and which convert fastest?

(D) Visitor Loyalty :  What % of the visitors are returning back to the website and how much time do they spend during each visit. This is an important metric as repeat visitors tend to buy much more than first time visitors.

(E) Channel Performance :  Relative contribution to sales and cost of acquisition of each traffic source including social media channels

(F) Performance on different devices :  How is your website performing on different devices e.g mobile, tablets etc