Conversion Optimisation

Over a decade of experience in digital marketing, we have discovered that conversion optimisation is the quickest method of increasing the profitability of a business. This technique involves analysing the website for key factors which influence it’s conversion rate. Although there are manifold ways of increasing the conversion rate of visitors to inquiries/sales, there are some core principles which always apply :

(A) Message to Market : More likely than not, your business serves more than one customer segment. If your message is not targeted and differentiated for each segment, it’s impact will be reduced.

(B) Credibility & Trust : Whether you are a professional services business or sell products online, establishing and enhancing trust is critical to getting a higher conversion rate. Social Proof increases demand for your product or service.

(C) Visitor Journey : Having a simple and easy path for the visitors to find what they are looking for and then make a decision to inquire or purchase increases conversions significantly.

(D) Design : Your Design needs to appeal to your target audience and updated regularly. We analyse visitor preferences based on usage data to identify opportunities for improvement in layout and design.

(E) Balance : Your website needs to have a balance of text and images and the text needs to be broken down into easily readable chunks with clear and interesting headlines.

(F) Call to Action : Your site needs to have both soft and hard offers to maximise engagement with the visitors.

(G) Forms & Checkout Pages : If your forms or check out pages are inconvenient to fill up, it will deter potential customers from engaging with your site.

We use a combination of techniques such as advanced analytics, marketing analysis and visitor surveys to come up with recommendations to start converting more visitors to buyers. Our conversion optimisation funnel increases immediate sales while building a pipeline of warm prospects who can be converted over time using an elegant business model.

We have used these methods to add hundreds of millions of dollars in profits to our client base, which includes fast growing companies and established market leaders.