Gift Certificates Company

This company specialises in experience gifts. When we took over the campaign, the average cost/sale was higher than the price at which a sale was being made, resulting in the campaign being in the red. When we went through the campaign, we found the emphasis of the earlier agency was to maximise the clicks with little concern for the conversion rate or the cost/conversion. We started by weeding out keywords which had low conversion rates, improved the campaign structure to make it targeted, reallocated the budget towards more popular categories and within one week of taking up the campaign, we achieved an incredible reduction in cost/sale from $172 to $22, making the campaign highly profitable. After this, we conducted an advanced analytics session, an online customer survey and focus groups to identify hidden opportunities to increase profitability.  The findings of this exercise revealed that that many users were not finding the type of gifts they were looking for easily and therefore leaving the website. Based on these findings, we modified the navigation of the website resulting in the cost/sale reducing to $15 which has made the business highly profitable.