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Bounce rate

Fix Your Bounce Rates, Improve Conversions

Conversion rate optimisation focusses on getting your user to make that next crucial step in the sales funnel. This is the goal of conversions. Therefore the next crucial step that you wish the user to take could be one, and preferably more, of the following:

  • subscribing to email marketing
  • completing the online contact form
  • watching a video
  • downloading a product spec or service guide
  • clicking social media buttons such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus or Twitter
  • clicking to engage in a live chat with an online rep; or
  • making a phone enquiry

However if your bounce rates are low, these goals cannot be achieved and you will need to spend the time to improve the length of time a user spends on your site or on different pages of your site.

So how do you fix your bounce rates and keep the user on your site for longer?

Here are some easy solutions that are quick to implement and will make a world of difference to improving your conversion results.

Improve Your Call to Actions

If there is no visible call to actions then chances are the user is struggling to decide what to do next. Your goal is to guide them into taking the step you wish for them to take. If your goal to get users to sign up to your email marketing, then make sure this subscriber box is visible, eye-catching with great copy. You need to do everything you can to entice the user to provide their email address. Nowadays it is common to offer something for free to encourage users to sign up. Thus “Subscribe now and get your Free e-Book” is much more attractive than “Subscribe Now”.

Website Design is Essential

Remove any emotional attachment that you may have to your website and take a good long hard look at it objectively. Is the typography easy or hard to read? Are the colours complementary or are they doing an injustice to your brand, product or service? Is the information displayed organised and orderly or is there too many blocks of content? How easy is it for a user to navigate through your website? Like with anything in life, people will judge a book by its cover and so it is important to always put your best foot forward and wow the user as soon as they land on your website. Spending the time and money to get the design and layout right will pay dividends in the long run.

Search Relevance

If your websites’ message and content is unclear, inconsistent, and irrelevant or unrelated, you will find that users who are searching for information on a particular subject matter will move on as soon as they realise it is not what they are searching for. Ensure that each page of your website is clear in its purpose and in the message it is trying to convey. If you are selling a service, ensure that there is a page for each service you are providing. For example, rather than having a website that details natural therapy, it is wiser to have a page for each of the natural therapy services you provide such as homeopathy, naturopathy, kinesiology and acupuncture etc. That way if a user is searching for a specific term rather than a broad term, they will find exactly what they are after.

So if you want to improve your conversion optimisation, let ConversionLabs show you how it’s done! Take advantage of our free strategy session and contact us on 1300 807 808 today or complete the online form now!